Traction Tread Safety Plank Grating More Compatible With a Wider Range of Shoe Types

Traction tread plank safety grating is famous for its hundreds of perforated buttons. These punching holes can be arranged into various patterns, including star, square, rectangular, OEM, drain hole and dimple only.

The patterns mentioned above are the best choice for pedestrian traffic flooring in industrial and commercial buildings. The unique designed traction perforations are used for drainage of the oil, water, ice, mud, detergent and any other small objects. Moreover, it is compatible with all types of shoes including high heels.

Technical Data

  • Material Options:
    • pre-galvanized steel: 11 gauge, 12 gauge, 13 gauge, 14 gauge, 16 gauge
    • carbon steel: 11 gauge and 13 gauge
    • Aluminum alloy 5052-H32: 0.125"
    • Stainless Steel 304, 316
  • Slip resistance: complies with Federal Specification RR-G-1602D standards.
  • Hole Patterns:
  • Hot-Selling Style:
    Traction Tread Plank Grating
    • Hole Diameter: 3/8"
    • Width: 7", 10", 12"
    • Length: 10', 12' or any cut length.
    • Channel Depth: 1-1/2", 2"
    • Feature: an excellent choice for stairs and scaffolding platforms that require moderate slip resistance. Planks are kind on hands and knees and work well for cart and wheeled traffic (non-automotive or forklift).
    Traction Tread Stair Tread
    • Hole Diameter: 3/8"
    • Width: 7", 10", 12"
    • Depth: 1-1/2", 2"
    • Length: 24", 30", 48" or any customized length
    • Feature: traction tread stair treads are manufactured with welded end carrier plates or four side bending, pre-punched with holes, which allow the treads to be bolted to the stair stringers.
    Traction Tread Ladder Rungs
    • Hole Diameter: 1/8"
    • Hole Type: 2-hole, 3-hole, 4-hole
    • Width: 1-1/4" (2-hole), 1-5/8" (3-hole), 2-1/4" (4-hole)
    • Depth: 1-13/32" (2-hole), 1-13/32" (2-hole), 1-23/32" (2-hole)
    • Length: 48", 60" or cut length.
    • Feature: a hand-overhand friendly surface with moderate slip resistance, sold in efficient lengths, well suited to fabricators of ladders such as for vehicle, tank container.
    Traction Tread Flooring Plate
    • Hole Diameter: 1/8"
    • Standard Size: 3' × 10', 4' × 8', 1 × 2 m
    • Feature: used in the oil & gas industry as flooring plates to reduce risk for employees and improve productivity.

Related Accessory


Traction tread safety gratings are widely used for pedestrian traffic flooring in industrial and commercial buildings.

  • Ramps.
  • Catwalks
  • Walkway
  • Ladder rungs
  • Trench covers
  • Rack decking
  • Mezzanine floors
  • Signboard walkways
  • Stair treads (safety treads)
  • Inspection work platforms

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Through client cases, you can learn our excellent product quality and process in-depth, and feel the quality of traction tread safety grating.

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QIUSUO is committed to delivering Traction Tread Plank Safety Grating of superior quality. Our stringent quality control process ensures that you receive a reliable product that meets the highest standards.

A worker is checking the raw material component of traction tread safety grating.
Raw material test
A worker uses a tape for traction tread safety grating width inspection.
Width test
A caliper is used to check the hole size of traction tread safety grating.
Hole size test
A caliper is used to check the height of traction tread safety grating.
Height test

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