What Is Difference Between the Opening and Mesh for Welding Wire Mesh?

Stainless Steel Welded Wire Mesh consists of perpendicular wire strands that are resistance welded at each intersection.

Stainless steel Welded mesh panels is used in many industrial and architectural applications such as infill panels, guarding and window covering. QIUSUO fabricates stainless steel wire mesh panels for many unique usages, and we can cut any shape and exact dimensions.

Edge Types

There are customers are strictly care about the edge types of the stainless steel welding wire mesh panels, there are equal tails, flush side open ends, flush trim, random tails.

Equal Tails

Flush Side

Flush Trim

Random Tails

  • Equal Tails
    Wire mesh fitting into a channel frame can have equal edges without extra work, or safety concerns. More time to weld into an angle frame than flush edges
  • Flush Side Open Ends
    Flush Side Open Ends specific trim for application purposes.
    This Requires less welds to attach to framework
  • Flush Trim
    Less likely to get shipping damages and easier to handle with flush edges.
    Requires less welds to attach it to framework. But not any panels size can be made into flush trim edges. Depending on the mesh size and panels.
  • Random Tails
    Random Tails edge is the easiest and cheapest to shear the welding wire mesh panels with random tails. Less shears to get product size.

We are manufacturing high quality stainless steel welded wire mesh for the industrial and commercial markets at very competitive prices.

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