Drill Hole Perforated Metal for Fish Meal Dewatering Equipment

Drilling Perforated metal is often used in dewatering equipment, such as in the fish meal industry and pulp and paper industry. Perforated metal sheets are commonly used to create screens or filters that separate solid material from liquids during the dewatering process.

Perforated metal can be made from a variety of materials, hole sizes, shapes and patterns to optimize the filtration process. It depends on the specific working condition and equipment structure.


Several days ago, we customize the a drilling perforated metal disc for a France customer – A Dewatering equipment manufacturer.

After chatting with our customer, we learned that they needed to purchase stainless steel plates with very tiny holes, which are smaller than the plate thickness. And they required the products could not compromise quality or performance. They adopt SS316L as the materials, because it is the food grade material which is non-toxic and harmless to maximally guarantee the final food quality.

The detailed specifications are as follows.

Product Information

  • Products: Drilling holes perforated plate
  • Material: SS 316L
  • Thickness: 6 mm ± 0.2 mm
  • Hole: 3.2 mm cylindrical Drilling
  • Pitch: 4.2 mm
  • Outside Dia.: 36.93"
  • Inside Dia.: 8-1/8"

Finished Products

Product Overview

Product Part Review

Product Detail

Outside Diameter Measure

Hose Size Measure

Material PMI Analysis


Apart from dewatering equipment in fish meal industry, the perforated metal can be used in pulp and paper industry, mining, hydropower, aluminum smelters and foundries, grain handling, sludge dewatering, pulp and paper, and general heavy industry.

Additional, perforated drill plates have a wide range of applications in industrial applications:

  • The drill plate acts as support plate for tubes in once-through steam generators.
  • The drill perforated metal plate acts as support grid to contain materials (cock or coal ash) in boiler.

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