Etching Metal Mesh- Customized Arbitrary Shape, High Precision and Small Holes

Etching Metal Mesh also named photo-etching metal product, metal etching mesh, photoelectric etching metal mesh. We can make customized etching metal mesh according to your drawing. Combined with advanced photo-etching and other process technologies, our etching metal mesh has advanced and irreplaceable advantages over traditional stamping and electroforming.

Etching Metal Mesh can be chemically etched in a wide variety of alloys including steel, stainless steel, nickel, copper, brass, aluminum and more. A variety of shapes and sizes at no additional cost in tooling.

In many cases, chemical etching of metal meshes, grids, screens and filters provide better value and performance than woven wire mesh or punched perforated metal products.

Comparing with punching perforated metal sheet, the etching metal mesh can be customized Arbitrary Shape, High Precision And Small Holes to 0.1 mm. Our micro perforated metal mesh smallest holes is 0.4 mm at present.

Technology Information

  • Burr-free holes of any shape
  • Holes as small as .004"
  • Minimum hole size not less than 110% of metal thickness
  • Minimum ligature between holes not less than metal thickness
  • Process screens up to 24" x 60"
  • Thickness 0.001" in most alloys and up to 0.080" inches in aluminum.

Quality Capacity

Our cooperated etching metals factory has 6 advanced etching production lines and ISO9001:2008 quality controls system, can meet your temporary and super large orders, the daily etching area of 1000 square meters, proofing cycle 1-3 days, mass production time 5-7 days.

Each progress of etching metals is controlled by special person to ensure the products quality can meet the requirement of customers and control factory qualification rate more than 99.9%.

Our Products

Our mainly etching metal mesh including: precision mesh, metal wheel disc, electrolytic etching film, atomizing film, dustproof netting, insect netting, precision filtering gasket, film code disc, silver fixture, masks, metal business cards, metal crafts and etc. The followings is sample of our products.

Three stainless steel etching wheel discs on the gray background.

EMM-01: Stainless steel etching wheel discs

Eight etching metal wheel disc on the blue background.

EMM-02: Stainless steel etching wheel discs

SS304 customized arbitrary shape high precision 0.4mm holes diameter etching perforated mesh for electronics uses

EMM-03: Etching metal mesh for electronics

Three pieces of stainless steel etching dustproof  discs on the blue background.

EMM-04: Stainless steel etching dustproof netting

Three pieces of stainless steel etching dustproof  discs on the blue background.

EMM-05: Stainless steel etching coffee dripper

Two pieces of tea drippers that were made by stainless steel material and photo-etching progress

EMM-06: Stainless steel etching tea dripper

It is a brand mane plate which is made by stainless steel material and photo-etching progress

EMM-07: Stainless steel etching brand name plate

It is square hole round stainless steel etching mesh disc on the green ground.

EMM-08: Stainless steel etching mesh disc

Wide Application

  • Medical: It is used as filters, shielding covers, etc., in medical devices.
  • Printing: It is used for screen plates in printing machines, manufacturing of packaging materials, and decoration of printed materials.
  • Electronics industry: It is used for shielding covers of electronic products, manufacturing of microelectronic devices, and production of circuit boards.
  • Filtration and screening: It is used in chemical, petroleum, food processing, and other industries for filtering and screening liquids and solid materials.

QIUSUO Case Showing

There are some showing of our have ever made etching perforated metal mesh orders.

Contact us for custom manufacturing according to your requirements and applications.

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