DSM Screens Used for Solid-Liquid Separation in Sewage Treatment

The DSM Screen operates by introducing the material to be processed onto the screen surface from above, utilizing gravity and fluid dynamics principles to facilitate the separation and screening of solid particles. Larger particles slide down along the screen surface, while smaller particles pass through the screen openings into a collector or discharge outlet below.

We are good at customized wedge wire DSM Screens production according to customer needs. This Indonesia customer need 0.5mm slots single flow our wedge wire DSM screen as device used for solid-liquid separation in sewage treatment.

The customer sent us the project drawings and required specifications they need. We improve the details of the drawings according to the customer's use and finally confirm it with the then. At the same time, the customer also sent us photos of the curved screen and machine used before for reference. After many exchanges and confirmations, we confirmed the drawings and produced according to the drawings.

Basic Information and Specification

  • Company: A trading company
  • Country: Indonesia
  • Products: DSM Screen
  • Material grade: SS304
  • Screen Slot: 0.5 mm
  • Screen profile wire: 1.5 × 2.5 mm
  • Support wire: 2 × 3 mm
  • Support wires pitch: 10 mm
  • Width: 1830 mm
  • Arc length: 1630 mm
  • Application: Solid-Liquid Separation in Sewage Treatment

Finished Wedge wire screen Photos

0.05mm slot

1.5mm Screen profile wire

DSM Screen length measurement

DSM Screen width measurement

DSM screen angle bar detail

40mm angle bar

DSM screen with arrows marking the direction of use

Wooden box and bubble wrap packaging

Related Applications of DSM Screens

  • Sewage treatment: Wedge filter can be used in the field of sewage treatment. It can effectively remove suspended matter, solid particles and other impurities in sewage and provide a clean water source.
  • Mineral treatment and processing in sugar mills: During mineral treatment and processing in sugar mills, wedge line filters can be used to filter and separate solid particles, impurities and other impurity substances to ensure product quality and purity.
  • Mineral treatment: Wedge filter element is widely used in the mineral treatment field. It can be used to separate and filter solid particles, ore impurities, and other impurities from ores to improve the efficiency and quality of mineral processing.
  • Paper production: In the paper production process, wedge filter cores can be used to filter pulp and other liquids, removing suspended solids, fibers, and other impurities to obtain high-quality pulp and paper products.
  • Coal preparation: Wedge filter element plays a role in the coal preparation process. It can be used to filter and separate impurities, solid particles, and other pollutants in coal to provide clean coal products.
  • Textile mills: Wedge filter cartridges can be used for liquid filtration applications in textile mills. It can remove suspended matter, fibers, and other impurities generated during the textile process to ensure the quality and purity of the textile.

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