Micro Perforated Plate Used for Soy Sauce And Wasabi Production Process

Micro perforated plate is suitable for fine filters, filter plates, filter cartridges, and filters for petroleum, chemical, food, and pharmaceutical industries, can be used in many fields including engineering and manufacturing.

Basic Information and Specification

  • Company: A company that produces soy sauce and wasabi
  • Country: Senegal
  • Products: Micro perforated plate
  • Materials: SS316L
  • Thickness: 0.5mm
  • Hole size: 0.5mm
  • Holes Pitch: 0.5mm
  • Size: 2000 mm ×1000 mm
  • Opening area: 10%
  • Quantity: 50 PCS

Finished Wedge wire screen Photos

micro holes perforated plate

PMI test SS316 grade

0.5mm hole diameter

0.5mm thickness

1000mm width

2000mm length

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