SS304 6meshx0.6mm Stainless Steel Wire Mesh For Making Disinfection Box

  • Company: a disinfection box factory
  • Country: Thailand
  • Products: 6×6mesh stainless steel ASTM 304 wire mesh
  • Quantity: 100rolls

Commodity & Specifications

  • Products: stainless steel wire mesh
  • Raw Material: stainless steel 304
  • Mesh per inch: 6mesh
  • Wire Diameter: 0.6mm
  • Mesh aperture: 3.63mm
  • Roll width: 1000mm
  • Roll Length: 30 meters

Producing & products photo

6mesh×0.6mm stainless steel wire mesh

6mesh×0.6mm stainless steel wire mesh

6mesh×0.6mm stainless steel wire mesh

Some Selvage Woven Wire Mesh We Have In Stock

  • SS304/SS316/SS316L, 2meshx1.2mmx1mx30m
  • SS304/SS316/SS316L, 3meshx1mmx1mx30m
  • SS304/SS316/SS316L, 4meshx0.8mmx1mx30m
  • SS304/SS316/SS316L, 4meshx1.0mmx1mx30m
  • SS304/SS316/SS316L, 4meshx1.2mmx1mx30m
  • SS304/SS316/SS316L, 5meshx0.7mmx1mx30m
  • SS304/SS316/SS316L, 6meshx0.6mmx1mx30m
  • SS304/SS316/SS316L, 8meshx0.5mmx1mx30m
  • SS304/SS316/SS316L, 10meshx0.45meshx1mx30m
  • SS304/SS316/SS316L, 10meshx0.5meshx1mx30m
  • SS304/SS316/SS316L, 12meshx0.4mmx1mx30m
  • SS304/SS316/SS316L, 14meshx0.34meshx1mx30m

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