High-Pressure Wedge Wire Screen Nozzle for Fully Mixing Catalyst and Material

Basic Information and Specification

  • Company: an organic plant fertilizer
  • Country: Australia
  • Products name: wedge wire screen nozzle
  • Material: ASTM 316
  • Slot: 0.15 mm
  • Screen Overall Length: 60 mm
  • Nozzle filter overall length: 85 mm
  • Thread: NPT 3/4"-14
  • Quantity: 500 pcs

Customer's Need

Customers sent inquiries and requests by mail in March. The wedge wire screen nozzle is required work normally for a long time at the reaction temperature of the catalyst and the material, and can withstand high pressure. Besides, it is required not to easily react with the elements in the catalyst and the material.

The wedge wire screen nozzle is installed on the tray plate in the reactor. The diameter of the central steel pipe connecting the upper and lower cover plate is 3 mm, and the number of support bars is 18, which ensures the sufficient support force and compressive strength. The 0.15 mm sieve gap ensures that even the fine particles can be filtered by the filter so that the machine can operate smoothly, perform backwash easily and enjoy a long service life. SS316 material is not easy to react with various chemicals in water, and will not cause metamorphic and deformation easily. In addition, it has great corrosion resistance and a long lifespan, and is not susceptible to temperature change.

After many consultations and discussions, we finally chosen the SS316 wedge wire screen nozzle. After receiving the product, the customer carried out water pressure test, material test and operation test. All requirements are met and we established a long-term cooperation.

Finished Products Photo

Checking the over length of wedge wire screen nozzle

Checking the screen length of wedge wire screen nozzle

Checking if the nipple thread is NPT 3/4"-14 by thread gauge

Checking if the nipple thread is NPT 3/4"-14 by thread gauge

Checking the slot size of wedge wire screen nozzle by feeler gauge

X-ray spectrometer confirms wedge wire screen nozzle material grade

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