40mm×40mmx365mm Standard Diamond Grip Customized Perforated Metal Ladder Rungs

Commodity &Specifications

  • Products: Slip-Resistant Ladder Rungs
  • Types: standard diamond grip
  • Material: mild carbon steel plates
  • Thickness: 11Ga
  • Size: 40mm×40mmx355mm
  • Required Quantity: 1680pcs
  • Customer Country: United Arab Emirates

Basic Introduction for Slip-Resistant Ladder Rungs

Slip-Resistant Perforated Metal Ladder Rungs are small channel shaped sections, the web of the channel being the walking surface which is covered with serrated diamond raising holes, or small perforated dimples raising holes, produced by a cold forming process.

Perforated raising holes provide superior slip resistance in all directions and in all weather conditions, and exceptional adhesive friction.

We can make the Slip-Resistant Perforated Metal Ladder Rungs according to your required size and hole patterns. There are mainly three popular Perforation Patterns for ladder rungs, that is Grip strut ladder rungs, Traction-Tread Ladder Rungs, Dimple Ladder Rungs.

According to customers grip strut holes pattern requirements and Ladder Rungs we provide drawings for their approval, then start production.

Drawings and Products Photos

40×40×355mm Grip strut ladder rungs

40×40×355mm Grip strut ladder rung

40×40×365mm Grip strut ladder rungs

Features & Benefits

  • Raising diamond grip strut holes provide superior slip resistance in all directions and in all weather conditions.
  • Cross sectional design provides significant load carrying capacity on spans up to 24".
  • Provides slip resistance to the foot approaching at an angle to the walking surface.
  • Long life span requiring little maintenance.
  • Adaptable to a wide range of applications. Ideal for retrofit applications as rungs fit over slippery pipes, bars, etc. On existing ladders
  • Easily adaptable to cost effective, custom fabrication.

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