Wedge Wire Strainer Elements Can Efficiently Filter Liquid Impurities

We produce high-quality wedge wire strainer elements, widely used in liquid treatment and fine filtration industries. This advanced industrial filtration device employs premium wedge wire as the filter medium, capable of achieving high-precision filtration up to 20 μm. It meets the stringent requirements for efficient separation and fine filtration in industries such as food and beverage, chemical, and mining. Wedge wire filtration technology, with its exceptional performance and reliability, has become the preferred filtration solution in many industries.


Wedge wire strainer elements includes many types. We offer the following common series:

  • Wedge wire candle filters

    It is a slender and long filter element used in candle filters for liquid filtration. When clean liquid passes through, particles adhere to the surface of the filter element.

  • Wedge wire screen filter baskets

    It is a component used in basket filters, typically with horizontal or inclined openings. As fluid passes through the filter element and into the basket, solid impurities are retained in the basket, while clean fluid flows out through the filter material outlet.

  • HYDAC wedge wire strainer elements series

    It is often used in self-cleaning or backwashing filters. It is easy to clean and maintain and can effectively filter metal particles and contaminants to ensure the normal operation of machinery.

  • Internal scraping self-cleaning strainer elements

    It is often provided with internal scraping devices, suitable for filtering medium to high viscosity fluids. It can effectively remove particles and contaminants adhering to the surface of the filter element, ensuring continuous and efficient operation of the filter (internal scraping self-cleaning strainer elements).

Wedge wire candle filter

Inclined opening

HYDAC tube components

Strainer elements with carrying handle

Technical Information

  • Materials: Stainless steel 304/316L/321/310S, duplex steel 2205/2507, hastelloy, titanium alloy, etc.
  • Max. differential pressure: 300 psi.
  • Max. temperature: Synthetic seals 500 °F / NPT 1500 °F.
  • Length: 10", 20", 30", 40", and customized types.
  • Connection type: Threads.
  • Bottom type: Flat, or taper.
  • Port Type:

    Port Type-01

    Port Type-02

    Port Type-03

    Port Type-04

    Port Type-05

    Port Type-06

    Port Type-07

    Port Type-08


  • High filtration accuracy. They are designed with precise slots down to 20 μm for accurate filtration.
  • Customized sizes. They can be customized to meet specific filtration requirements, including slot size, length, diameter, and overall design.
  • Efficient fluid flow. They are designed to minimize flow restrictions, ensuring filtration with minimal impact on fluid flow rates.
  • Environmentally friendly. They help maintain fluid quality, reduce the need for excessive chemical treatment, and minimize waste.
  • Easy to maintain. They can be easily cleaned, replaced, or backwashed, maintaining filtration efficiency and reducing downtime and maintenance costs.


  • Water treatment. It is widely used in the pre-filtration and primary filtration stages of industrial and municipal water supply systems, and can efficiently remove suspended particles from water and protect subsequent precision filtration equipment.
  • Chemical. It can be used to filter various chemical solutions and suspensions, such as ethanol, acid solutions, and alkaline solutions, to separate solid impurities from the solution.
  • Mining. It can be used for filtering fluids containing a large amount of solid particles, such as mud and slurry.
  • Food & beverage. It can be used for the clarification filtration of beverages such as juice, beer, and wine, ensuring product cleanliness and transparency.
  • Steel metallurgy. It can be used for filtering molten metal, slag slurry, and other substances.

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