12×64mesh Plain Dutch Weave Wire Mesh for Centrifugal Separation

  • Company: a trading company
  • Country: Malaysia
  • Products: 12×64mesh plain dutch weaving mesh
  • Quantity: 30 rolls

Basic Requirements of Customer Requested

This buyer says their customers need metal wire cloth, estimated Diameter of Penetrating Particle 300μm, mesh thickness shall be1.25mm. Our sales suggest 12/64mesh Plain Dutch Weave wire mesh and provided samples for their confirmation. Specification and our quality is approval by their client, then they place order.

  • Products: stainless steel wire mesh
  • Material: ASTM 304
  • Mesh Per Inch: 12mesh×64mesh
  • Wire diameter: 0.58mm warp wire, 0.40mm weft wire
  • Estimated Diameter Of Penetrating Particle: 300ΜM
  • Mesh Thickness:1.25mm
  • Mesh rolls size: 1mx30m

Producing &products photo

12×64mesh Plain Dutch Weave wire mesh

12×64mesh Plain Dutch Weave wire mesh

12×64mesh Plain Dutch Weave wire meshs

12×64mesh Plain Dutch Weave wire mesh

Our Wire Mesh Plain Dutch Weaving Specification in stock or on production
Mesh Wire Dia. (MM) Material(ASTM)
12mesh×64mesh 0.58/0.40 304 or 316
24mesh×110mesh 0.36/0.25 304 or 316
14mesh×88mesh 0.50/0.33 304 or 316
30mesh×150mesh 0.18/0.14 304 or 316
40mesh×200mesh 0.14/0.11 304 or 316
50mesh×250mesh 0.10/0.071 304 or 316
80mesh×700mesh 0.06/0.05 304 or 316
165mesh×800mesh 0.071/0.040 304 or 316
165mesh×1400mesh 0.05/0.032 304 or 316
200mesh×1800mesh 0.05/0.03 304 or 316
325mesh×2300mesh 0.030/0.025 316L
400mesh×2800mesh 0.030/0.02 316L

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