90% Types of Wedge Wire Products are Available from QIUSUO

Maybe you need a reliable Wedge Wire Screen factory to supply you qualified, reasonable price, quick delivery time, we are your ideal choice. We aim at tailoring all the types of wedge wire screen products according to your ideas, the followings types are available:

What is Wedge Wire Screen?

Wedge wire, it is called profile wires or v-wire. Wedge wire screens is manufactured by wrapping wire helically around supports that are resistance welded together. It forms various V-shape slots with narrow opening on the top and wide opening on the bottom and delivers high flow rate, excellent chemical stability and great corrosion resistance performance.

What We Can Make?

We can make the wedge wire screen into a variety of slot holes, shapes and size by rolling, bending, welding with frames or flanges for industry and architectural application.

Wedge Wire Screw Press Screen

Wedge Wire Screen Filters

Wedge Wire Screen With Frame

Wedge Wire Screen Panels

Why Choose Wedge Wire?

  • Custom Accurate Slot Size And High Precision Filtration
    Our screens are continuously welded by special welding equipments, therefore, the slot size can be customized to achieve high precision filtration. In this way, we can meet the needs of different customers without additional costs. Power saving of around 20-25% is observed.
  • Anti-Clogging and Self-Cleaning Slot
    Wedge wire forms V-shaped openings with narrow opening outside and wide opening inside, so that the large particles are kept outside the screen and small particles pass through the narrow opening and enter the screen.
  • Maximum Flow Rate and High efficiency
    Wedge wire enjoys a relatively small resistance and delivers a high flow rate. Therefore, its flow volume is greatly increased compared with plastic filter elements with a similar size.
  • High Strength and Long Life
    Our wedge wire adopts contour welding technology and provides high strength for the whole structure.
  • Excellent Corrosion Resistance And Economical
    Using high quality stainless steel wires, our wedge wire screens presents excellent corrosion resistance performance in various acid and alkaline environments like recycled caustic soda, hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid. It makes our wedge wire can work economically and safely in filters that apply to various environments.
  • Great Adaptability to Temperature Changes
    Compared with ordinary plastic filter elements, wedge wire performs better adaptability to temperature changes and is applied to environments with great temperature changes.

Wedge Wire Screen Cylinder

Wedge Wire Filters Baskets

Wedge Wire Screw Press Screen

Wedge Wire Resin Traps


Wedge wire screen panels have a wide range of applications, the main applications are sieving and filtration. It can also be used as decorative materials in some buildings. The detailed application fields are as follows:

  • Vibrating screen decking
  • Surface water intake screens
  • Fish diversion screen panels
  • Hatchery screens
  • Grain drying screen
  • Malt kin or germination floors
  • Architectural wedge wire screen
  • Wedge wire grating
  • Media retention nozzle
  • Rotary drum screen
  • Header and hub laterals
  • Support grid/lauter tun screen
  • Wedge wire trommel

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