Perforated Corrugated Sheet for self-climbing safety platform

Perforated Corrugated Sheet has a wide range of uses, with creative design and decoration performance, sound insulation performance, shading and wind protection performance, and can also be used as a self-climbing safety platform. This is yellow Perforated Corrugated Sheet used for self-climbing safety platform.

Basic Information and Specification

  • Company: An Indonesian construction company.
  • Customer Name: Designer of an America construction company
  • Country: America

The client, a designer from an Indonesian construction company, wanted to purchase Perforated Corrugated products for use in building facades. He found us through Google Chrome and sent us a query.

Commodity & Specifications

  • Product: Perforated Corrugated Sheet
  • Raw Material: Galvanized steel Plate
  • Raw material thickness: 1.0mm
  • Raw Material Plate Width: 1250mm
  • Width after Pressing Shape: 1025mm
  • Hole Diameter: 5mm
  • Holes Pitch: 9mm

Holes arrangement pattern: 60 degree staggered with 27% opening area Surface finishing: PVC coating at last, UV resistant, yellow color RAL 1021 Sheet length: 3600mm, 3400mm, 2000mm

Finished Products Photo and Loading

Perforated Corrugated Sheet Powder Coating

Perforated Corrugated Sheet Powder Coating

Perforated Corrugated Sheet Coating Thickness Inspection

RAL 1021 color Inspection

RAL 1021 color Inspection

Perforated Corrugated Sheet Loading

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