ASTM A53 3" Sch. 80 Welded Steel Pipes With Various Applications

Welded carbon steel pipes have various applications. They are used for structural support in engineering, for threading wires and protecting cables in smart buildings, for transporting liquids in home decoration, as components in mechanical processing, etc.

Basic Information and Specification

  • Company: SS Group
  • Country: America
  • Product: Welded carbon steel pipe
  • Material: ASTM A53
  • Size: 3" Sch. 80 (O.D.: Ø88.90 mm)
  • Thickness: 7.5 mm
  • Length: 7,000 mm
  • Quantity: 180 pcs.

Products & QC Photos

Welded carbon steel pipes exterior

7.5 mm wall thickness

7,000 mm length

88.9 mm O.D.

Finished welded carbon steel pipes

Welded carbon steel pipes in a container

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