High Difficulty Welding Ensuring No Gap Between Caps and 20 Microns Screen

This United States customer tell us they are currently searching for a wedge wire screen filter to replace the bottom filters on their ion exchange resin column towers. They currently have a 0.0014” woven pipe screen with a 325 mesh screen.

Message as follows

“I was looking at your wedge wire screens and more specifically the channel rod construction (see below). I was wondering if you have more information on this design, or other filter designs applicable for ion exchange. I see that the slot size is down to 15 microns, but can vary 30 microns. Can you please clarify the smallest micron size you are able to fabricate for these filters? Also, what is the current lead time on this type of item?”

After communication with our technical sales consultant Abby, they agreed with our recommended 0.02 mm/ 20 microns wedge wire screen filter nozzle. According to the Basic sizes from them, we provide shop drawings for their engineer approval. As we had a lot experience for 0.02 mm wedge wire screen filter nozzle production, so that we promised our high difficulty welding ensuring no gap between caps and 20 microns screen and ensure accurate screen slots for wedge wire screen filter nozzle.

Basic Information and Specification

  • Company: a biopharmaceutical company
  • Country: United States
  • Products name: Wedge Wire Screen Filter Nozzle
  • Material: ASTM 316L
  • Screen slots: 0.02 mm / 20 microns
  • Screen outside diameter: 2"
  • Screen Overall Length: : 8"
  • Screen Nipple thread: 1” SAE Male Thread
  • Quantity: 60 pcs

Finished Products Photo

2 Microns slots wedge wire screen filters

PMI testing ASTM 316 Material grade

Feeler gauge checking screen slots 0.02mm

Feeler gauge checking screen slots 0.02mm

No gaps between nipple and screen

No gaps between caps and screen

Plastic bag protecting screen surface

Wooden case packing screen filter

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