Multiply Patterns & Fabrications Service for Perforated Metal Sheet

Perforated metal sheet also named punched sheet, hole metal sheet, various standard or custom designs patterns are available from QIUSUO. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of perforated metal, we can provide an extensive range of perforated metal products that satisfy your requirements.

For the normal hole type, you just need the detail specification of material, plate thickness, hole shape, hole size, holes arrangement pattern, hole pitch, edge margin, order quantity, then can make quotation and produce it for you.

As to the unique hole type, our technical team can make CAD drawing for you according to your sample or description. If you have a CAD drawing, please directly send to us.


Multiple Patterns & fabrications service for perforated metal sheet are from QIUSUO, We aim to be your One-Stop Perforated Metal Factory and Supplier.

  • Thickness ranging from .008" to 1" thick metal plate, and in a variety of material grade.
  • Holes from smallest 0.4 mm in any size, shape or arrangement.
  • Our sheets size up to 36 feet in length, coils, and many special shapes
  • Products based on drawings and samples provided by customers.
  • Our turret punch and laser cutting machines, and rich project engineering experience make any of your idea into life.
  • Related service supports are available for you including tooling punching, laser cutting, shearing, folding, forming, welding, stamping, galvanizing, powder coating, PVDF coating, anodizing, etc.
  • All common standard and popular patterns tooling molds or punching dies are ready, saving cost and delivery time.


Materials of perforated metal decides its performance in various industrial applications, we need to choose the right material for best performance and greatest advantage.

  • Carbon Steel Plates. Q195, SPCC, Q235B
  • Stainless Steel Plates. SS302, 304, 304L, 316, 316L
  • Aluminum Alloy Plates. 1060, 3003, 5052
  • Pre-Galvanized Steel Plate.


Any standard or customized Holes patterns never limited from QIUSUO, round hole, square hole, oblong round hole, triangular hole, hexagonal hole, plum blossom hole, diamond hole, four-pointed star hole, five-pointed star, six-pointed star hole, honeycomb hole, alligator mouth hole, diamond grip strut, o grips strut, traction tread, various of ornamental hole and so on.

Normal Hole Patterns

Straight Round

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45° Staggered Round

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60° Staggered Round

View More Data

Straight Square

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Staggered Square

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45° Staggered Square

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Straight Slot

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45° Staggered Slot

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Staggered Slot

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60° Staggered Hexagon

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Unique Hole Patterns

A triangular hole perforated metal sheet.


A pentagram hole perforated metal sheet.


A inscribed hole perforated metal sheet.


A star hole perforated metal sheet.


A rhombus hole perforated metal sheet.


A window hole perforated metal sheet.


A figure hole perforated metal sheet.


A ornamental hole perforated metal sheet.


A wintersweet hole perforated metal sheet.


A spots hole perforated metal sheet.


A staggered hole perforated metal sheet.


A curtain hole perforated metal sheet.


A circular hole perforated metal sheet.


A linkline hole perforated


A cross hole perforated metal sheet.


A floral hole perforated metal sheet.


An Egyptian hole perforated metal sheet.


A circle line hole perforated metal sheet.

Circle Line

A lattice hole perforated metal sheet.


A 4 bar hole perforated metal sheet.

4 Bar

A wave hole perforated metal sheet.


A Cymophane hole perforated metal sheet.


An air bubble hole perforated metal sheet.

Air Bubble

A herringbone hole perforated metal sheet


 An inclined peanut hole perforated metal sheet

Inclined peanut

A cross peanut hole perforated metal sheet

Cross peanut

 A flower & dot hole perforated metal sheet

Flower & dot

A 4 inclined bars hole perforated metal sheet

4 inclined bars

A club and round hole perforated metal sheet

Club & round

A club and square hole perforated metal sheet

Club & square

A 3 inclined bars hole perforated metal sheet

3 inclined bars

A triangle & dot hole perforated metal sheet

Triangle & dot

 A vortex hole perforated metal sheet


An art square hole perforated metal sheet

Art square

A 6 hollow petals hole perforated metal sheet

6 hollow petals

 A 6 solid petals hole perforated metal sheet

6 solid petals

A staggered rectangular hole perforated metal sheet

Staggered rectangular

An art round hole perforated metal sheet

Art round

A flower hole perforated metal sheet


A hexagram hole perforated metal sheet


A square & wire hole perforated metal sheet

Square & wire

A heart hole perforated metal sheet


An intersected circle hole perforated metal sheet

Intersected circle

A solid round & wire hole perforated metal sheet

Solid round & wire

A hollow round & wire hole perforated metal sheet

Hollow round & wire


QIUSUO offers multiple surface treatment options for different commercial and industrial applications.

  • Spraying
  • Polishing
  • Oxidation treatment
  • Galvanized
  • Powder coating
  • Ant-rust oil painting
  • PVDF coating
  • And more surface treatment


QIUSUO provide high quality perforated metal sheets, there are many industries and applications that use perforated metal sheets.

  • Industrial manufacturing. It includes industrial filtration, vibration screening, electronic device casings, and protective covers or components for equipment and vehicles.
  • Mining industry. It involves ore screening and vibrating equipment.
  • Construction industry. It involves building facades, decorations and ceilings, fences, noise reduction grilles, etc.
  • Agriculture. It involves grain drying and the screening of starch, flour, and sugar.
  • Food and beverage industry. It includes food and beverage baskets, medical sterilization baskets, etc.
  • Other industries. It involves sterilization baskets in the medical industry, safety railings, walkways, stairs, and work platforms.

QIUSUO Case Study Photos Showing Read more

Through client cases, you can learn our excellent product quality and process in-depth, and feel the quality of perforated metal sheet.

Quality Control Read more

QIUSUO is committed to delivering perforated metal sheet of superior quality. Our stringent quality control process ensures that you receive a reliable product that meets the highest standards.

The operator is checking the hardness of the perforated metal.
Raw material hardness test
The worker is checking the hole size of the perforated metal.
Hole size inspection
A micrometer is used to check the thickness of the perforated metal.
Thickness inspection
Waterproof fabric is used for perforated metal packaging.
Waterproof fabric packaging

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