Anodizing 6061 Aluminum Grating that acts as working floors in the production workshop

Aluminum Grating can be widely used to act as a non-slip pedal and drain hook cover plate in industry, construction, transportation, petroleum and chemical industry, etc. It provides a solid foot surface to prevent slipping and can withstand the load of heavy equipment and vehicles. In addition, Aluminum Grating also provides good ventilation and light transmission performance.

Basic Information and Specification

  • Company: A Russian trading company
  • Customer Name: Procurement by a Russian trading company
  • Country: Russia

The client is a purchaser from a Russian trading company who wants to purchase perforated Aluminum Grating as an anti-slip platform for construction projects. He found us through Google Chrome and sent us a query. After carefully verifying the specifications with the customer, we provide them with drawings and quotations for their approval. After passing the review, we proceed with production according to the drawings.

Commodity & Specifications

  • Products: Aluminum Bar Grating
  • Material: Aluminum 6061
  • Support bar thickness: 6 mm
  • Support bar height: 30 mm
  • Bearing bar pitch: 40 mm
  • Cross bar pitch: 100 mm
  • Cross bar thickness: 6 mm
  • Cross bar height: 30 mm
  • Surface finish: Anodizing after laser welding
  • Size: 1000×1000 mm

Finished Products and QC Photos

1000×1000 mm Aluminum Grating

Aluminum 6061 PMI test.

6mm thickness aluminum bar

34mm aperture aluminum grating

aluminum bar grating

aluminum bar grating

6061 anodized aluminum bar grating

6061 anodized aluminum bar grating

checking the anodizing thickness

checking the anodizing thickness

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