QIUSUO Is Your Reliable Professional Factory for Customized Breakout Stars Safety Grating

Commodity & Specifications

  • Products: Customized Perforated Metal Plank
  • Types: Breakout Stars, Customized according to buyer’s design
  • Material: A36 steel
  • Thickness: 11Ga
  • Size: 36 different size, according to related drawings, General Tolerance to ISO 2768-MK
  • Required Quantity: 2080 pcs

Production and Products Photos

CNC punching Breakout Stars Safety Grating

Laser Cutting Breakout Stars Safety Grating

11Gauge Breakout Stars Safety Grating

10mm Breakout Stars Safety Grating

Breakout Stars Safety Grating 3.3mm embossed depth

Breakout Stars Safety Grating Stair Tread

Customized Breakout Stars Safety Grating Package

Customized Breakout Stars Safety Grating Package

WHY Breakout Stars

Hebei Qiusuo offers many metal grating products that will help you provide a safe and secure workplace. We supply Grip Strut safety grating, Traction Tread metal grating, Grate-Lock steel floor grating, Perf-O Grip Safety Grating and many other customized hole pattern perforated metal anti-slip plank gratings.

Breakout Stars is one types of special holes pattern for Safety Grating, the embossed raising stars buttons provide a walking surface that is slip resistant and good looking. Open area of approximately 10% allow fluids, ice, and mud to easily flow through the grating. The walking surface of Breakout Stars has resiliency that cushions footfalls, thus decreasing worker fatigue and increasing plant productivity.

Breakout Stars Safety Grating is widely used for the follow fields:

  • Metal work platforms
  • Mezzanine floors
  • Steel flooring
  • Floor safety grating
  • Industrial and signboard walkways
  • Metal trench covers
  • Slip resistant stair treads
  • Any area where safety is paramount

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