Why Choose Wedge Wire Screen For Brewery Mash Tun False Bottom?

Brewery Mash Tun False Bottom choose Wedge Wire Screen is right.

Wedge wire screens brewery mash tun false bottom

Beer is produced through alcoholic fermentation. In the beer production process, malted barley grains are ground and mixed with hot water to activate enzymes in the malt. Once the starches have been converted into sugar, the solution produced is transferred into a large vessel with a false bottom at its base, consisting of a stainless steel milled plate that acts as a filter. The solution drains out through the slots in the plate, leaving the solid residues inside the vessel. These residues are subsequently compressed to extract any remaining liquid and then sold as livestock feed. The solution drained through the filter moves on to the subsequent processing phases of boiling, hopping, cooling and oxygenation.

The milled plates false bottom in the brewery mash tun is usually consisted by a stainless steel perforated plate or wedge wire screen that acts as a filter.

Comparing with perforated plate, wedge wire screen have the following feature and advantages.

  • Custom Accurate Slot Size And High Precision Filtration
    Our wedge wire mash tun screen are continuously welded by resistance welding, therefore, the slot size can be customized to achieve high precision filtration.
  • Anti-Clogging and Self-Cleaning Slot
    Wedge wire mash tun screen forms V-shaped openings with narrow opening outside and wide opening inside, so that the large particles are kept outside the screen and small particles pass through the narrow opening and enter the screen.
  • Maximum Flow Rate and High efficiency
    Wedge wire mash tun screen enjoys a relatively small resistance and delivers a high flow rate. Therefore, its flow volume is greatly increased compared with plastic filter elements with a similar size.

Wedge wire mash tun screen are more continuous open area and precise slots, it can guarantee correct filtration. Correct filtration is extremely important in order to prevent the husks from passing through to the subsequent boiling phase, so that can avoid bitter substances to be released into the beer. So that more customers choose wedge wire screen for brewery mash tun false bottom.

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