Grate-Lock Plank Grating Increased Load Performance Through Interlocking Planks and Stronger Rung Design

Grate-Lock Plank Grating Catalogue

Grate-Lock Plank Grating also named Interlocking Safety Grating, Interlocking Plank Grating its most prominent features are interlocking structure and the surface with long round end slots. Grate-Lock Plank Grating Increased load performance through interlocking planks and stronger rung design. We make both traction grip surface and smooth surface of Grate-Lock Plank Grating, the standard plank gauge is Gauge 14, Gauge 16, Gauge 18, most common used material is Pre-galvanized carbo steel plate. Planks can be straight, curved, or angle cut with hand tools.

A sample photo of traction grip surface grate-lock plank grating

Traction grip surface grate-lock plank grating

A sample photo of smooth surface grate-lock plank grating

Smooth surface grate-lock plank grating

It is a Schematic diagram to show the Grate-Lock Plank Grating profile style

Grate-Lock Plank Grating profile style FF FM MM

It is a Schematic diagram to show the characteristics of Traction Grip grate-lock

plank grating and Smooth Surface Grip grate-lock plank grating

Specification Options

Pank Width 6", 9", 12", customized width is available
Pank Depth 1-1/2", 2-1/2", 3", 4"
Plate Gauges 18, 16, 14
Length 10', 12', customized length is available . Stair Tread standard length is 4'
Material Grade Carbon steel, Pre-galvanized steel, stainless steel
Surface MG(traction grip) & MS(Smooth)
Flange FM, MM, FF


Top reasons to choose grate-lock plank grating as follows:

  • Cost-saving design
  • slip resistance and well load performance
  • Wide range of sizes, accessories
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Low-cost installation and low maintenance
  • Easy to repair & replace
  • Pre-galvanized with a variety of uses


Grate-Lock grating is an easy-to-install system of interlocking grating planks, treads, and accessories that helps provide safe and sturdy footing it is recommended for slip resistant flooring in commercial or industrial uses. Approved by Rooftop walkways, Metal catwalks mezzanine flooring, signboard walkways, Stair treads, inspection platforms, industrial flooring, trench covers, rack decking and many other applications where non-slip performance is required.

It is metal rooftop walkways be made by  grate-lock plank grating

Grate-lock plank grating for rooftop walkways

It is metal catwalks be made by  grate-lock plank grating

Grate-lock plank grating for metal catwalks

It is metal inspection platforms be made by  grate-lock plank grating

Grate-lock plank grating for inspection platforms

It is grate-lock plank grating stair treads sample photo

Grate-lock plank grating for stair treads

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