Grate-Lock Plank Safety Grating Increased Load Performance Through Interlocking Planks and Stronger Rung Design

Grate-lock plank safety grating also named Interlocking Safety Grating, Interlocking Plank Grating, its most prominent features are interlocking structure and the surface with long round end slots. Grate-Lock Plank Grating Increased load performance through interlocking planks and stronger rung design. We make both traction grip surface and smooth surface of Grate-Lock Plank Grating, the standard plank gauge is Gauge 14, Gauge 16, Gauge 18, most common used material is Pre-galvanized carbon steel plate. Planks can be straight, curved, or angle cut with hand tools.

Technical Data

  • Metal Materials: Pre-galvanized carbon steel plate.
  • Thickness: Gauge 14, Gauge 16, Gauge 18.
  • Mesh Opening: long dimple slots.
  • Channel Width: 6", 9", 12".
  • Channel Depth: 1-1/2", 2-1/2", 3", 4".
  • Length: 12', 20', 24' (only matches 2-1/2", 3", 4" heights) or customized length.
  • Flange(designed for easy installation): FF (Female-Female), FM (Female-Male) and MM (Male-Male).
  • Surface Condition: textured/MG (with traction grip holes), non-textured/MS (smooth surface).
  • Types: planks, stair treads.
  • Package: packed with plastic film, shipped by pallets or according to customers' requirements.

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Grate-Lock safety grating is an easy-to-install system of interlocking grating planks, treads, and accessories that helps provide safe and sturdy footing it is recommended for slip resistant flooring in commercial or industrial uses. Wide applications examples:

  • Stair treads.
  • Pallet rack decking
  • Sign board walkways
  • Metal catwalks mezzanine flooring
  • Stair treads for OEM equipment or industrial stair treads
  • Agriculture applications, for example, commercial hop farms
  • Walkways in stadiums, arenas, school gyms, centers and more
  • Rooftop walkways in various commercial and light industrial facilities
  • Mezzanine floors in commercial buildings, warehouses, distribution centers and more

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QIUSUO is committed to delivering grate-lock safety grating of superior quality. Our stringent quality control process ensures that you receive a reliable product that meets the highest standards.

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