Laser Cutting – A Frequently Used Thermal Cutting Process for Metal Sheet Processing

We've invested in hi-tech laser cutting methods for fast and accurate melting and burning of metals. Using the latest in software and engineering technology, our professional team can arrange for your order to be tailored and delivered to your exact specifications. Our laser cutting service is so good, we can make almost anything out of metal!

The laser cutting machine is cutting the metal sheet.
What is Laser Cutting?

Laser cutting is used for both cutting materials unlike metal, stainless steel, aluminum, bimetal and iron and for industrial production. Optically laser cutting is accomplished by directing the output of the high power generating laser. Additionally, there is a motion control system that follows G or CNC code used commercially in laser applications. In this way, patterns are processed on the material. The laser beam melts the material, thus burning it and evaporating. In this way, a high-quality surface with a coated edge is obtained. Industrial laser cutter can cut into flat sheet materials as well as pipe and profile materials.

Laser Cutting Advantages
  • It features high cutting accuracy.
  • Higher sheet utilization with less waste.
  • Laser cutting is very advantageous in metal cutting.
  • The area affected by heat is small in laser cutting.
  • Laser cutting of metals provides less energy.
  • Significant errors are eliminated in the production phase.
  • Can be used in large scale production.
Laser Cutting Methods

There are many different methods for cutting different materials. When the right material is combined with the right method, more successful and efficient results are obtained.

  • Standard work is carried out by evaporation cutting method.
    In this method, a key hole is formed on the heated surface at the boiling point. Cooling is performed quickly to deepen the hole. The material will become boiling in the deepening hole. In this way, thermoset plastics, carbon and wood materials are cut.
  • High pressure gas is used in the melting method.
    This method is used for cutting bimetal materials. The material is heated to the melting point. The molten material is then discarded from the process. The temperature of the material does not need to be lift up. In this way, metal materials are cut.
  • Semi-rigid materials are used in thermal stretching method.
    The beam focusing on the surface creates thermal expansion. This creates a crack that allows the beam to move. This method is used for glass cutting. With the fluidity method in the form of silicon microelectronic chips silicon plug. The wavelength is 1064 nm and constitutes the YAG laser-powered process.
  • Reactive cutting is known as flame cutting.
    The oxygen torch can be described as cutting. The ignition source is laser cutting beam. This method is used to cut materials over 1 mm of carbon steel. In this process, thicker plates can be cut using less laser power.
Laser Cutting Application

Laser cutting is one of the most commonly used processes around the world. Our decorative perforated plates and safety gratings are often cut precisely by laser cutting.

Traction tread safety grating

Perforated metal parts

Heavy duty grip strut planks

Diamond grip strut grating

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