Strict Quality Control System Ensures The Quality of Finished Products

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QIUSUO have established a complete set of quality control system. We implement our quality control system from the following aspects. To get the detailed QC system files, please call or email us.

A production line of Brass wire wire mesh.

Certification & Standard

Hebei Qiusuo Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd. is certificated by ISO 9001, all our products from raw material, manufacturing to quality test standards comply with or higher than the widely-accepted international standards. If there is no national standard, we also require a higher industry standard.

A worker is supervising equipment running in the stainless steel wire mesh workshop.

Skilled Workers

As we all know, skilled workers are big assets of manufacturing enterprises and a strong guarantee of smooth and efficient production. All workers in the plant must be trained for 1 or 2 months before taking up their position. Only those who passed the training test can mount guard. Their duties include operating machines, observing machine running conditions and finished products conditions.

A inspection workbench of stainless steel wire mesh.

Manufacturing Standards

All production will ongoing according to GB and ISO standard. All delivered products including samples and products are in accordance with the standard tolerances through being inspected according to international standard.

A worker is testing the material of stainless steel wire mesh.

Full Inspection

The inspection cost is always one of our main running costs, but we never compromise to quality. Even for the raw material, "full inspection" is still our basic requirement.

A worker is inspecting the stainless steel wire mesh.

Clearly Tolerance

Based on widely-accepted international standards, we make all the production and inspection to be measurable and standardized. Clearly tolerance is widely used in the full procedure of our production and inspection so that we're able to avoid the mistakes caused by subjective judgment, delivering goods with excellent quality stability and continuity.

Several inspection tools and instruments on the table.

Professional Tools & Equipment

Material testing, wire diameter tolerance testing, tensile force measurement, and all the other can be tested in our own factory. Advanced & professional equipment are prerequisite to efficient and standardized production.