Quick Excellent After-Sale Service Helps Us Gaining Customer Trust & Reliance

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After-sale system is an indispensable part of the whole management system. Quality warranty, technical support and fast compensation work together to gain customers' trust and reliance.

All claims must be made in writing by email: sales@qs-wiremesh.com and CC to the responsible sales’ email box. If a shipment is received in a damaged condition, a claim must be filed with the delivering carrier and noted on the freight bill before buyer accepts the merchandise.


All our products have 1–3 years warranty according to different materials and products. During warranty period, we will be responsible for all our products.

Technical Support

We can supply installation guidance and maintenance guidance along with the goods and we can supply online support for easy and fast use.

Fast Compensation

Supply evidence like photos and videos, we will properly deal with the complaint and give solutions as soon as possible.