Perforated Corrugated Metal Panels 8 Meters and Orange Color

  • Company: manufacture for aluminum products
  • Country: Malaysia
  • Products: perforated corrugated metal panels for making self-climbing platform
  • Quantity: one full 40 feet high top open container

Basic Requirements of Customer Requested

This buyer say they want a Perforated Metal Corrugated Sheet, thickness shall be 1mm, holes size 5mm to 10mm can be accepted, the peaks shall about 70mm, most importance is 50% opening area and the length longer than 6meters.

Commodity &Specifications of We Offered

  • Products: Perforated Corrugated Sheet
  • Raw Material: Galvanized steel
  • Raw material thickness:1.0mm
  • Sheet width:1000mm
  • Hole Diameter:8mm
  • opening area: 50%
  • Surface finishing: UV resistant powder coating
  • Color: RAL 2001

Photos of Perforated Corrugated Metal Panels

Round holes perforated sheets come out from pressing machine

Punching holes and pressing shapes

A worker is checking the mesh size for the corrugated perforated metal sheets.

Checking corrugated perforated metal sheet

Three workers are packing orange round holes perforated sheets

Packing the perforated corrugated metal panels on steel pallets

Corrugated perforated metal panels is loaded into container.

Loading the corrugated perforated metal panels into container.

Comparing Corrugated Sheet with Flat Sheet

  • Perforated Corrugated Metal Panels are building materials made from metal sheets of hot dip galvanized steel, aluminum alloy plate or stainless steel which are cold rolled to produce the rippled pattern we see in them.
  • Comparing with flat sheet, the corrugations in the panels increase the bending strength of the sheets in the direction perpendicular to the corrugations, and it looks a special visual effect.

Applications of Corrugated Perforated Panels

Applications of corrugated perforated panels include solar shading, light and sound, solution control, security screening, and screens for roof top mechanical equipment. Architects, engineers and design professionals often choose corrugated perforated metal for their building projects.

QIUSUO is good at making custom orders of corrugated perforated metal panels with various holes patterns and color. contact us for learning more or getting purchasing guide.

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