Titanium Welded Wire Mesh

Advantages and characteristics

GR1 titanium welded wire mesh is a type of wire mesh made of pure titanium metal with grade 1 quality. This type of wire mesh is created by welding individual wires together to form a grid-like pattern. The resulting product is lightweight, strong, and durable, making it ideal for various industrial, commercial, and residential applications.

Titanium is a non-corrosive material that offers excellent resistance to acids, alkalis, and atmospheric corrosion. As such, this type of wire mesh is suitable for use in harsh environments where other metals would quickly corrode or deteriorate.

This Italy customer ordered ASTM B863-14 GR1 titanium welded wire mesh that 50.8×50.8 mm mesh 3mm wire diameter 1500mm width 30 meters length, the titanium welded wire mesh play as the reinforced skeleton for the Fiber defogger.

Commodity &Specifications

  • Products: Titanium welded wire mesh
  • Features: Dimensionally stable, Resistant to corrosion, Uniform mesh
  • Material grade: GR1 ASTM B863-14
  • Wire diameter: 3.0 mm
  • Mesh size: 50.8×50.8 mm
  • Width: 1.5 Meter
  • Mesh roll Length: 30 Meters
  • Order quantity: 3 Rolls

Finished Products Photo

GR1 titanium welded wire mesh

GR1 titanium welded wire mesh

GR1 titanium welded wire mesh

GR1 titanium welded wire mesh

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