Skid Resistance Grip Strut Plank Grating for Outdoor Industrial Production

Basic Information and Specification

  • Company: a mining factory
  • Country: Canada
  • Products name: grip strut plank grating
  • Thickness: 14 Gauge (2 mm)
  • Holes pattern: 5 diamond
  • Width: 11.75" (298.45 mm)
  • Depth: 1.5" (38.1 mm)
  • Bend inside: 25 mm
  • Material & surface finish: steel and mill finish steel and mill finish

Finished Products Photo

Checking the length of diamond grip strut safety grating

Checking the width of diamond grip strut safety grating

Checking the depth of diamond grip strut safety grating

Checking the thickness of diamond grip strut safety grating

Checking the opening width of diamond grip strut safety grating

Packaging grip strut plank grating

Anti-skid plate mainly plays the role of anti-skid and decoration, high load and strong pressure resistance. Patterns can be a diamond, round or two or more patterns properly combined into a combined pattern board, which can be used as floor, factory escalator, work frame pedal, ship deck, automobile floor, etc. Grip strut plank grating and perf-o grip plank grating are mainly used as workshop, large equipment or ship walkways and stair pedals. Crocodile mouth pattern steel plate is widely used in shipbuilding, boilers, cars, tractors, trains and other industries. Its application reduces damage and ensures the safe operation of the operating workshop!

In the living environment, grip strut plank grating is very suitable for wet skiing due to sediment, ice, snow, grease, oil and detergent or for walking passages and working areas under other hazardous conditions.

In industrial production, grip strut plank grating is commonly used in outdoors, such as sewage treatment, tap water, power plants, floors of industrial workshops, narrow channels, terraces, warehouses, sidewalks and stair pedals.

Commonly used on the market from 2.0-8.0 mm thickness.

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