Drilling Screen Plate Sandblast Equipment & Technology

Some of our clients who purchase drilling screen plates require sandblast surface treatment.

Sandblast is a kind of workpiece surface treatment process. Sandblast is powered by compressed air to form a high-speed jet beam to spray materials (copper ores, quartz sand, silicon carbides, iron sand, and sea sand) at high speed to the surface of the workpiece so that the appearance or shape of the surface of the workpiece changes.

Our drilling screen plates are generally made of fine quartz sand. Fine quartz sand is used to form a high-speed jet beam to blast materials into the surface of the workpiece to be processed at high speed. Sandblast is powered by compressed air, and fine quartz sand is used to form a high-speed jet beam to blast materials into the surface of the workpiece to be processed at high speed.

The material is sprayed at high speed on the surface of the workpiece to be processed and the screen holes. Due to the impact and cutting effect of quartz sand on the surface and holes of the workpiece, it can completely remove the burrs in the holes, and at the same time make the surface of the workpiece obtain a certain degree of cleanliness and different roughness so that the mechanical properties of the surface of the workpiece can be improved, so as to improve the anti-fatigue property of the workpiece, increase its adhesion with the coating and prolong the durability of the film, which is also beneficial to the leveling and decoration of the paint.

Benefits of Drilling Screen Plate Surface Sandblast

  • Quick & Easy to Clean

    Sandblasting service provides quick and easy cleaning of the surface. It is easy to clean all contaminants and other dirt on the metal. The cleaning process is made easier because it only requires laying materials to protect the surrounding areas from sand. The laying of materials in the surrounding areas makes cleaning easier than is often common in other metal finishing methods.

  • Great Surface Preparation

    Sandblasting service is not only essential in cleaning the surface. It also plays a vital role in preparing surfaces for various sealants and coatings. Because all contaminants and dirt have been removed from the surface, the coating will stick better. Fresh coating depends on the quality and preparation of the surface before application.

  • Environmental Friendly

    Sandblasting is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Unless foreign elements are added during sandblasting, it remains harmless to the surrounding area and the people operating sandblasting equipment. Most of the products used in sandblasting services can be inhaled without problems, unlike most cleaning and coating products.

  • Rust Removal

    Rust is a serious problem for metal users, especially those living in wetlands and coastal areas. For many years, rust has been classified as the leading cause of damage to metal surfaces. Sandblasting brings a professional finish to all metal surfaces that are severely rust-damaged. If you want to preserve the integrity of metal surfaces and avoid permanent damage, you need to use sandblasting to deal with rust.

  • Quick Turnaround

    Cleaning metal surfaces is not a simple task. Most cleaning jobs will take hours and days to complete. However, sandblasting makes the entire cleaning process quick and efficient by tackling even the toughest rust with ease. The sand used in blasting provides aggressive abrasion. Corrosion and old paint can easily and quickly be removed to leave the metal surface clean and ready for liquid coating.

  • Wide Applications

    Sandblasting technology can be used in cleaning different details in many companies. Environmentally conscious companies can use sandblasting services to clean their equipment and manufacturing plants without problems. Metal fabricating and automotive industries are incorporating sandblasting because it is a fast and efficient cleaning process. If you plan to coat any metal surface, it will be important if you can have it cleaned by sandblasting.

  • Cost Friendly Approach

    Blasting is one of the most economical metal finishing techniques because abrasives are relatively inexpensive. The fact that they can be reused brings the cost down even further to levels that almost anyone else can afford. The entire sandblasting process is less time-consuming and uses less labor, bringing costs to a minimum.

  • Versatility

    Sandblasting is a versatile technique that can be used for a variety of purposes. It can be used in polishing and refining surfaces before liquid coatings are applied. Many people have been using sandblasting to strip pavement and paint removal techniques in various areas. Other areas of application include polishing precision parts such as small gears and delicate surfaces such as table tops.

Specifications & Products Photo

Fine quartz sand

1.8 m × 6 m

Finished drilling screen plate after sandblast

Finished drilling screen plate after sandblast

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