Quarry Screen Crimped Wire Mesh Pre-Crimped Weaving

Crimped wire mesh is made of metal wires that are pre-bent into wavy shapes and woven into a plain weave. The mesh size and structure of the roller screen mesh for mining can be customized according to specific screening requirements. Different ores or mineral sands may require different mesh sizes to achieve the desired screening effect.

It features stable structure, strong impact resistance performance, wear resistance performance, low cost, long-term uniform mesh, and beautiful appearance.

It is widely used in mining, petroleum, chemical industry, construction, protective nets, vibrating screens, wall nets, mining screening, etc.

Basic Information and Specification

  • Company: Griddle Group
  • Country: Israel
  • Product: Crimped wire mesh
  • Material: 65Mn
  • Unit: mm
Item Mesh Aperture Wire Diameter Width Reinforced Shroud Banded Edge Before Bending Length Finished Product Length
1 5 3 1,950 1,550 1,500
2 10 4 1,950 1,550 1,500
3 5 3 1,950 2,150 2,100
4 10 3 2,350 1,550 1,500

Products & QC Photos

Wire diameter spacing measurement

Reinforced shroud banded edge measurement

5 mm mesh aperture

10 mm mesh aperture

4 mm wire diameter

3 mm wire diameter

Crimped wire mesh length measurement

No need fumigation plywood box packaging

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