Corrugated Perforated Aluminum Sheet – Creative Design & Decorative Performance

installation photos of corrugated perforated aluminum sheet

cutsomer shared the installation photos of corrugated perforated aluminum sheet after half year of delivery

Basic Information

Company: A construction company

Country: Mozambique

Products Types: corrugated perforated aluminum sheet

Material: Aluminum Plate

Thickness: 1 mm

Holes Shape: Round

Hole Diameter: 15 mm

Hole Pitch: 20 mm

Size: According to the order

Surface treatment: Powder Coating RAL7024

Quantity: 618 pcs

Finished Products Photo & Packing

Prepare the perforated aluminum plate for powder coating

After powder coating

Powder coating RAL7024

Display of multiple finished products

Measure product hole diameter

Measure product hole distance

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