The Wedge Wire Screen Panel is mounted on the filtration system used in down jacket production

The wedge wire screen panel can separate, grade, and filter materials according to the different sizes and shapes of the slot. It is commonly used in water treatment, food processing, mining, petroleum, and chemical industries. In addition, wedge-shaped sieve plates have a strong structure and high load-carrying capacity, which can be used to strengthen and support other equipment or structures.

Basic Information

  • Company: An American down jacket company
  • Customer Name: A purchase from an American down jacket company
  • Country: The United States.

This customer is a buyer of a down jacket company in the United States who wants to buy wedge screen plates to install on his equipment.

Because we are not sure whether the customer needs a border, in order to save the customer's time, we take the initiative to provide two types of quotation and drawings with and without a border for reference. The customer was very careful, and after confirming the specifications, he took the initiative to provide us with the machine installation sketch.

Since the customer's machine comes with a frame, we arranged the production, focusing on the length and width of the product, and have reported the suitability of the product.

Finally, we produced according to the drawings and delivered on time, and the customer expressed their approval of us!

Commodity & Specifications

  • Product: Wedge Wire Screen Panel
  • Material: SS 304
  • Screen Slot: 1 mm
  • Working Profile: 1 × 2 mm
  • Support Profile: 2 × 3 mm
  • Support Profile pitch: 14 mm
  • Profile Length: 904.875 mm
  • Support Length: 635 mm

Finished Products Photo and Loading

904.8 mm profile length measurement

635 mm support rod length measurement

SS304 PMI inspection

1 mm screen slot inspection

side view of the panel

back view of the panel

front and back view of the panel

detailed view of the panel

pack the panel in wooden cases

pack the panel in wooden cases

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