Anti-Slip Diamond Plank Safety Grating for Oil Production Platform Stairs

Commodity & Specifications

  • Products Name: Diamond Plank Safety Grating
  • Material: Pre HDG Steel
  • Gauge:3mm options:12 gauge
  • Hole type:4 diamond grip strut plank
  • Channel heights: 40mm
  • Channel width: 250mm
  • Plank length: 250mm
  • Drawing Ref.: DRAWING NO. QS-JHH21102801
  • Order Qty.: 1300pcs

Drawings and Products Photos

762×250×40mm Pre HDG Steel Diamond Plank Safety Grating.

762×250×40mm Pre HDG Steel Diamond Plank Safety Grating

762×250×40mm Pre-HDG Steel Diamond Plank Safety Grating.

762×250×40mm Pre-HDG Steel Diamond Plank Safety Grating.

WHY Diamond Plank Safety Grating

Anti-slip diamond plank safety grating is a one-piece metal plank grating manufactured from a single sheet with formed side channels. Using anti-slip diamond plank safety grating can significantly reduce the number of accidents that occur in your workplace.

  • Slip-resistant walking surfaces
    Serrated edges around diamond shaped openings provide slip resistance under slippery conditions such as snow, ice, grease, oil, etc.
    The Anti Slip Standard Serrated Surface can eliminate worries about visitors slipping and falling, and possibly suffering a serious injury.
  • Lightweight
    The lightweight diamond design and construction make it easy to transport and install the product wherever you need it.
  • Easy fabrication
    Diamond plank safety grating can be easily formed in standard channel or custom shapes.
  • Economical
    Diamond plank safety grating is simple and economical installation as planks are self-framing. Self-cleaning due to resilience of walking surface eliminates the need for preventive maintenance and ensures a low cost of ownership and excellent return on your investment.

QIUSUO Custom-Fabricate Diamond Plank Safety Grating To Your Specifications

We have the capability to custom-fabrication for your diamond plank safety grating products to adapt to your specific plant or field conditions. Special fabrication, cutting, welding, forming or specialty configurations available upon requests. Our technical sales consultant will be happy to help you meet to your various customization Specifications. Any unique application or other special manufacturing requirement, come us, we are pleased to make solutions for you.

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