How DSM Screen significantly Improves Processing Efficiency?

DSM screen is an economical and practical solid-liquid separation equipment without power equipment. Here, we are talking how the DSM screen improves processing efficiency.

This is a DSM screen schematic diagram of working principle

DSM Acreen-High Processing Efficiency

  • V wires let DSM screen has Easy Leakage Slots.

    As DSM screen is made by welding V wire to support rods of various sizes and shapes. This process creates an inwardly expanded slot that forms a large open area and an anti-clogging surface. Therefore, compared with punching mesh, wire mesh, it has the characteristics of easy leakage.

  • Cutting effect of sieve edge on material improving efficiency of solid-liquid separation.

    The material feeds into the DSM screen surface along the tangent direction at a certain speed.

    Due to the centrifugal force, the material moves close to the wedge wire screen. When the material flows from one screen strip to another, the edge of each screen strip cuts the material layer and destroys the liquid tension so that some water and fine particles are forced to be separated.

    However, punching mesh, ordinary weaving wire mesh cannot destroy the liquid tension. So, the cutting effect of DSM screen strip is one of the reasons to improve the efficiency of solid-liquid separation.

  • High Efficiency Verification than Ordinary Flat Wedge Wire Screen

    The slime of sedimentation tank with particle size of 0.5-1mm and fine sand with particle size of 0.15-1mm were used to compare the treatment efficiency of ordinary wedge wire screen and DSM screen. The treatment capacity of DSM screen with 2 m2 sieve surface was 190 m3 / (m2 * h). And ordinary Flat wedge wire screen to achieve the same processing capacity requires 12 planes of the total area of about 60 m2 wedge wire screen.

    Someone in the Soviet Union compared the processing capacity of the DSM screen and the vibrating screen under the same conditions. Although the efficiency of the vibrating screen was 20% higher than that of the ordinary wedge wire screen, the unit area processing capacity of the same separated particles was only the DSM screen 1 / 20.

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