Optimization of Solid-Liquid Separation – Learn Working Principle & Efficiency Enhancement

DSM screen is an economical and practical solid-liquid separation equipment without power equipment. Here, we discuss how DSM mesh works and how to improve processing efficiency.

Working Principle

DSM Screen, also known as Sieve Bend Screen, is an economical and practical solid-liquid separation equipment, mainly used in coal preparation plants and mineral processing plants for pre-dehydration, desliming, media removal, and coal slime recovery.

The working principle is based on a set of fixed wedge wire panels, which are arranged on a curved surface. The orientation of the panels is perpendicular to the direction of the slurry movement on the screen surface, and they are made of stainless steel or nylon. The spacing between the panels corresponds to the screen aperture size. The slurry is delivered to the screen surface at a certain speed along the tangent direction of the curved surface through the narrow slit discharge outlet at the bottom of the feeder.

As the slurry moves on the screen surface, it is subjected to gravity, centrifugal force, and the resistance of the screen bars, causing the slurry to move closely along the screen surface. The slurry near the bottom of the screen bars has a lower velocity, and during the flow, the edge of each screen bar cuts through the slurry layer. A layer of slurry about 1/4 the size of the screen apertures and the fine particles within it are cut and discharged, forming the under-screen product. The uncut slurry and coarse particles will pass over the screen surface and be discharged from the end of the screen, forming the over-screen product.

This is a DSM screen schematic diagram of working principle

The materials are divided into different size classes by screening through the arc screen.

  • How to improve work efficiency?

    • Optimized screening performance. The wedge wire structure forming sieve apertures, facilitates the filtration of materials, significantly enhancing the efficiency of solid-liquid separation. This design effectively separates fine particles and moisture, thereby comprehensively improving the operational efficiency of the equipment.
    • Carefully designed screen surface and selected stainless steel material. The DSM screen mesh adopts high abrasive resistant and corrosion resist stainless steel wedge wires to form a smooth surface. It is key to ensuring the equipment's long-term efficient operation. The choice of material and design of the structure complement each other, enabling the equipment to perform excellently under various working conditions.
    • Advantageous Open Area. The DSM screen utilizes various wedge wire profiles and support rods. The cleverly designed open area maximizes the screen's processing capacity while reducing the risk of clogging. This makes the equipment more reliable in practical applications, ensuring efficient and continuous operation.
  • High Efficiency Verification than Ordinary Flat Wedge Wire Screen

    The slime of sedimentation tank with particle size of 0.5-1mm and fine sand with particle size of 0.15-1mm were used to compare the treatment efficiency of ordinary wedge wire screen and DSM screen. The treatment capacity of DSM screen with 2 m2 sieve surface was 190 m3 / (m2 * h). And ordinary Flat wedge wire screen to achieve the same processing capacity requires 12 planes of the total area of about 60 m2 wedge wire screen.

    Someone in the Soviet Union compared the processing capacity of the DSM screen and the vibrating screen under the same conditions. Although the efficiency of the vibrating screen was 20% higher than that of the ordinary wedge wire screen, the unit area processing capacity of the same separated particles was only the DSM screen 1 / 20.

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Three DSM screens for dehydration sit on the green lawn.

DSM screen for dehydration

On the factory floor are several DSM screens for material separation.

DSM screen for material separation

A DSM screen for screening corn starch sits on the factory floor.

DSM screen for screening corn starch

Three DSM screens for sugar production sit on the turf.

DSM screen for sugar production

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