CNC Drilling Machines for Super Perforating & High Precision Screen Plates

CNC drilling is the process of creating holes in a workpiece using a computer-controlled drill. The process is automated and precise, allowing for consistent and accurate hole placement. The CNC drilling process begins with the design of the desired hole pattern in a CAD/CAM software program. The program then generates the necessary tool paths and sends them to the CNC machine. The machine uses a drill bit to remove material from the workpiece, creating the desired holes.

Thanks to CNC drilling, we can create very tiny holes even in stainless steel. Their holes are smaller than the material thickness, without compromising quality or performance. After drilling and milling, we will satin-finish and wash the super perforated metal to ensure perfectly clean holes and slots. As usual, our perforated metal sheets are made by CNC punching, gantry punching, turret punching, etching. But super perforating and high precision screens require CNC drilling.

Our company is mainly engaged in the drilling and processing of metal plates. All processing equipment is independently developed and has a complete and scientific quality management system. Our commonly used CNC drilling machines include gang drilling machines and multiple-spindle drilling machines. We are very happy to introduce for you.

Gang Drilling Machine

Gang drilling machine has many working heads positioned above a single table. This type of drilling machine is used as straight operations are to be completed. For example, the first head can be used to spot drills. The second head can be used to drill. The third head can be used, along with a tapping head, to tap the hole. The fourth head can be used for chamfer. A sequence of processes can be performed on the job by moving the work from one position to the other on the work table. This type of machine is mostly used for production work.

Multiple-Spindle Drilling Machine

A multi-spindle drilling machine is a screw machine that is made so that it can simultaneously cut materials into small pieces by using a number of tools.

This machine has several spindles that are found on a drum that rotates horizontally. One rotation of the drum can complete the number of operations that need to be performed for a part to be finished and the drum does this by dividing the required work among the number of spindles in the machine.

Comparison (CNC Drilling & CNC Punching & Laser Cutting)
Item CNC Drilling CNC Punching Laser Cutting
Technology CNC CNC CNC
Steel Plate Thickness 1 mm – 100 mm ≤ 12 mm 1 mm – 100 mm
Working Speed 1 holes/min 60 holes/min 0.2 m – 55 m/min
Tolerance ± 0.05 mm ± 1 mm ± 0.01 mm
Price Lower Economical Expensive
Advantage CNC drilling is a process used to create precise holes in metal, plastic, or other materials using a computer-controlled drill press. CNC punching is a highly precise process used in thinner sheet metal fabrication to create holes, shapes, and other features with tight tolerances. Laser cutting uses a laser to cut on an object, allowing various types and shapes of holes to be cut with high precision and speed.
Press Screw Perforated Plate Specifications
  • Material Grade: ASTM A240 S32750
  • Thickness: 5 mm – 16 mm
  • Hole Diameter: 5 mm – 250 mm
  • Ultimate Tensile Strength (UTS): 750 MPa
  • Surface Finish: Sandblasting or electrolytic polishing
  • Production Process: Drilling
  • Versatility: Widely used in a wide range of applications, such as construction, automotive, and industrial settings.
  • Strength: Made of high quality steel, which makes them strong and durable.
  • Customizable: The size, shape, and pattern of holes can be customized to meet specific design requirements.
  • Ventilation: The holes allow ventilation, which can be useful in applications where air flow is important.
  • Light Filtration: Used to filter light, making it useful in architectural applications.
  • Aesthetics: Create unique and visually appealing designs.
  • Easy to Clean: The holes make them easy to clean, which can be useful in applications where hygiene is important.

Press screw perforated plate for paper pulp filtration

Stepping drilling perforated plate for twin screw press

Stepping drilling perforated plate for twin screw press

Press screw perforated plate for heat exchangers

Press screw perforated plate for dividing plates in industrial rotary tables

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