How Wedge Wire Screen Is Highly Improving the Efficiency of Sugar Manufacturing?

Stainless steel Vee-profiles wedge wire screen and sugar melts

Wedge wire screen widely applicated in sugar manufacturing

Why Sugar Production Process Need Wedge Wire Screen?

The sugar production process consists of numerous stages, each of them directly affecting its effectiveness. Starting from the rinsing and cleaning of sugar beets, extraction of cossettes, pressing pulp, juice filtration and cleaning of lime milk, to massecuite rotation, sugar segregation and flotation water treatment of beet wash water, industrial screens work everywhere. As the heart of the process they determine their effectiveness. Optimally designed screen parameters ensure optimal product parameters. The installation of low quality screens or their improper assembly can stop the entire production line, generating huge costs.

Wedge wire screen has obvious advantages compare with wire mesh, perforated metal, which highly improving the efficiency of sugar manufacturing.

  • Fine Vee-Wire Continuous Centrifuge Basket has increased mechanical strength, a precise slot opening and a larger percentage of open area, increasing the amount of sugar crystal recovery.
  • Compact construction, heat resistant, rust-resistant, good mechanism performance, long working life, wear-resistant.
  • Well-proportioned screen aperture, not prone to jam, increase quality and efficiency of refined powder.
  • The self-supporting structure of the basket is designed and engineered to withstand the high stresses and load conditions of the sugar industry.
  • Proper construction, saving time and strength during installation and replacement, i.e. reducing time for installation, examination and maintenance, decreasing labor strength.

QIUSUO is a reliable screen manufacturer

Hebei QIUSUO is a proven manufacturer of industrial screens by Sugar Manufacturing field customers. Our experienced team of our engineers and workers, as well as advanced manufacturing capabilities, ensure the qualified products and delivery date on time.

Our wedge wire screen are formed into types products, such as bending sieving screen, screen decks, wedge wire baskets and dewatering screens solutions are ideally suited to the fine-mining processes. Our wedge wire screens meet the highest expectations in terms of quality, tolerance and durability.

Except of sugar manufacturing industry application, our wedge wires screens wildly used in the processing of hard coal, lignite, copper, iron ore, zinc, lead, potassium, uranium and salt.

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