ASTM 316L 75microns and 150microns slots wedge wire screen basket

Wedge wire screens is manufactured by wrapping Vee wire helically around supports profiles wires that are resistance welded together. It forms various V-shape slots with narrow opening on the top and wide opening on the bottom and delivers high flow rate, excellent chemical stability and great corrosion resistance performance.

This Iran customer bought wedge wire screen basket replace their past perforated metal mesh basket, after testing, feedback wedge wire screen basket better efficiency and effectiveness.

Basic Information and Specification

  • Company: A Filter Equipment Factory
  • Country: Iran
  • Products name: wedge wire screen basket
  • Material: ASTM 316L
  • Screen inside diamter:500mm
  • Screen Overall Length: 1200mm
  • Screen Wire profile:1 x 2mm
  • Support profile wires: 2x3mm
  • Screen Slots: 75 microns and 150 microns
  • Flowing Direction: FITO
  • Quantity: 20pcs per slots

Finished Products Photo

75microns slots wedge wire screen baskets

75 microns slots wedge wire screen baskets

150 microns slots wedge wire screen baskets

150 microns slots wedge wire screen baskets

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