Exterior Wall Fashion Design - Corrugated Aluminum Perforated Plate

Basic Information and Specification

Company: Auto 4s shop

Country: Vietnam

Products Types: Corrugated Perforated Aluminum Plate

Material: Aluminum Plate

Holes Shape: Hexagon

Sheet Thickness: 2 mm

Sheet Size: 640×2000 mm

Quantity: according the order

Aluminum folding perforated sheets also named corrugated perforated aluminum sheets, function as architectural products for decoration, security, diffusers, ventilation, acoustic control, space separation. This Vietnam 4S shop bought aluminum folding perforated plate for their shop exterior wall facade panels. According to the customer's requirements, we have sprayed the surface. The product was simple and fashionable, easy to install, and looks clean and comfortable. Because the customer used this products for external wall decoration, and the products we provide are light in weight, easy to install and resistant to corrosion, so the customer finally recognized us and established friendly cooperation with us.

Corrugated perforated aluminum plate powder coating

Multiple corrugated perforated aluminum plate packing

Customers share photos of the installation

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