Mirror Finish Stainless Steel 316L Perforated Panel As Clear As A Mirror

Basic Information

  • Company: Art Castings of Colorado
  • Country: United States
  • Product: perforated mirror finish stainless steel panel
  • Quantity: 20 pcs

The production principle of mirror stainless steel plate is that the raw material of stainless steel plate is polished by grinding liquid through polishing equipment on the surface of the plate, so that the plate surface is flat and the luminosity is as clear as a mirror.

Perforated Stainless steel mirror panel products are widely used in building decoration, elevator decoration, industrial decoration, facility decoration and other decoration projects.

Commodity &Specifications

  • Products: perforated metal sheet
  • Material: mirror finishing stainless steel grade 316 plate
  • Material thickness: 1.8mm
  • Hole shapes: hexagonal hole
  • Hole width:25mm
  • Holes pitch: 33mm
  • Open space: 57%
  • Sheet size:1000mm×2000mm
  • Required quantity: 20pcs

Commodity Photo and Package

Good Quality Raw Material of Mirror Finishing Stainless Steel Grade 316 Plate Checked Before Production

Punching Holes With Plastic Film Protection To Ensure Surface No Dirty Oil And Scratch

Checking No Scratch And Confirm Right Hole Size

Loading Into Plywood Box And Ship Out

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