Rotary Drum Screen Can Perform Solid-Liquid Separation Under High Pressure

Rotary drum screen is an essential component of rotary screens, widely used in various industrial wastewater and sewage treatment fields. It is a common solid-liquid separation device capable of efficiently removing fine particles with a diameter greater than 0.05 mm from wastewater.

Rotary drum screen is a cylindrical screen, typically made of stainless steel, capable of withstanding harsh industrial environments. The top of the screen is equipped with support rods, providing stable support for the entire device. The design of the bottom flange or weld ring structure can be flexibly chosen according to different applications and specific requirements.

Technical Information

  • Materials. stainless steel 304/316L/321/310S, duplex steel 2205/2507
  • Screen Slots. Customized 0.02–10.0 mm
  • Screen Diameter. 500 mm, 600 mm, 800 mm, 1000 mm, 1100 mm, up to 2400 mm
  • Screen Length. Up to 6000 mm
  • End Types. Flange or metal rings
  • Fed direction. External Fed, Internal Fed

External Fed

Internal Fed Type 1

Internal Fed Type 2


  • High-pressure operation. The support rods can withstand high pressure during high-speed rotation.
  • Fixed ports. The flange or weld ring structure of the ports can be chosen based on different machines.
  • Clog prevention. The V-shaped wire design reduces clogging, ensuring uninterrupted operation.
  • Long service life. Reduce corrosion and rust, extending its service life.
  • Enhanced efficiency. The continuous slot design significantly increases the open area and filtration efficiency.

Working Principle

The industrial wastewater to be filtered is piped to the rotary drum screen, and the liquid is evenly sprayed on the wedge wire rotary drum screen by pressure. The wedge wire rotary drum screen keeps rotating in the filter to intercept and retain the suspended solids in the liquid. With the continuous rotation of the wedge wire rotary drum screen, solid impurities slowly accumulated and concentrated together. The impurities are slowly removed from the filter screen by rotation. If the impurities are flocs, it can also clean the surface of the screen when it moves with the rotary drum screen to ensure the dredge performance of the screen. This filtration process can effectively separate suspended solids in industrial wastewater, providing preliminary treatment for subsequent water treatment and resource recovery.

Rotary drum screen working principle diagram with annotated explanations


It is suitable for solid-liquid separation in various industrial wastewater treatments.

  • Separation of various solids and sludge from municipal and industrial wastewater. By effectively removing these solid substances, it prevents water pollution and recovers valuable materials.
  • Separation of solid waste and sludge generated from food processing, pulp and paper production, and refining processes. Separating these solid components not only helps reduce environmental burden but also allows the recovery of valuable components, improving resource utilization efficiency.
  • Removal of extruded particles from cooling tanks and debris separated during the cleaning processes of various factories and equipment. This helps maintain equipment performance, keep the production environment clean, and reduce pollutant emissions.

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