6061 T6 Aluminum Perforated Panels with Anodizing & Powder Coating for Exterior Wall Cladding Screen

Basic Information and Specification

  • Company: An engineering design and construction company.
  • Country: Kuwait
  • Product: Decorative Aluminum Perforated Panels
  • Material grade: Aluminum 6061 T6
  • Thickness: 4 mm
  • Size: According to the drawings
  • Surface treatment: Anodized after cutting and then powder coated
  • Quantity: 8 of 40’HC containers

Customer’s Needs and Orders Communication

We recently produced decorative aluminum perforated panels for a client in Kuwait. Previously, we had provided the client with sample panels in 4 different perforation patterns using 5052 aluminum material. After close communication and joint efforts, the client was awarded the project development rights and placed a bulk order with us.

The client selected one of the 4 perforation patterns from the sample set and provided us with the initial design drawings and material quantity requirements. We then presented the client with a quotation and production timeline. Following further in depth discussions, the client revised the initial design dimensions and product material, changing from the original 5052 material 3mm sheet thickness to 6061 T6 material 4mm sheet thickness. We directly provided the client with the updated product information.

Due to the need to custom-order the revised sheet material and thickness, an additional one month was added to the initial production timeline. We negotiated with the client and committed to working overtime to complete 1-2 containers of the goods within 35 days. We also provided the client with a discount on the pricing.

Given the unique bending requirements of the client's product design and the hardness of the material, we conducted multiple trials to meet the bending specifications in the drawings, but encountered cracking issues. To ensure high-quality production, we customized a specialized bending tool and re-equipped with new professional inspection equipment.

Furthermore, the client selected anodizing and powder coating as the surface treatment. To extend the product warranty period, we recommended several powder coating brands to the client, and they ultimately chose AkzoNobel Powder Coatings Interpon D1010. The customer initially selected two colors in the RAL color card and wanted to choose one of them, so we provided 2 color samples and the corresponding powder for their confirmation. We also guaranteed to provide an additional 100kg of powder free of charge upon completion of the full production.

During the production process, we regularly shared testing photos and production videos with the client to ensure product quality. We also accommodated the client's packaging requirements to the best of our abilities.

Although there were some challenges, we have made our utmost efforts to meet the client's requirements, assuring them of our quality and delivering a product that satisfies their needs.

Production, Products & QC Photos

Laser cutting aluminum perforated sheets

Cutting finished aluminum perforated sheets

Deburring the cutting finished aluminum sheets

Bending process aluminum perforated panels

Bending finished aluminum panels

Oxide film inspecting after anodizing

Aluminum panel protected well during turnover

Wash and clean surface

Evenly spraying powder on aluminum panel

Colorimeter detects color difference

Checking coating film thickness

Check holes bar width

Checking aluminum panel bending radius

Checking aluminum panel bending depth

Checking aluminum panel length

Each panel is plastic bag packaging

BV Inspection

Wooden boxes package

Containers waiting outside factory

Loading and shipping

Our Decorative Aluminum Perforated Panels are a versatile and aesthetically pleasing architectural material. Manufactured using high-quality aluminum, the panels undergo anodization treatment, offering a wide range of color and surface texture options. These panels boast exceptional features, including strong decorative appeal, lightweight construction, high strength, flexible installation, functional capabilities, and environmental sustainability.

The diverse applications of decorative aluminum perforated panels include curtain walls, facade, partitions, sunshades, and suspended ceilings, allowing architects and designers to create unique visual effects that enhance the overall building aesthetics.

QIUSUO is capable of providing customized solutions based on your specific requirements or design drawings. Our team of experts can offer tailored recommendations to meet your needs.

Our decorative aluminum perforated panels are a versatile and aesthetically pleasing architectural material. Manufactured using high-quality aluminum, the panels undergo anodization treatment, offering a wide range of color and surface texture options.

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