QIUSUO Is Your Reliable Supplier For Various Patterns Perforated Metal Safety Gratings

Anti-slip Safety Grating also named Plank Grating. Our Anti-slip safety grating is made by Pre-Galvanized Steel, Carbon Steel Q235/Q195, Aluminum Alloy 5052 H32, Stainless Steel plate through punching, bending, welding and related progress. It offers the high slip resistant surface, easy and quick to install, and it have high strength with high load capacity. It can last a long life and is ideal for oily environment and industry. The Thickness is 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm,6mm and so on, 2mm to 3mm is the most common used thickness.

Except the classic types of grip strut safety grating, O-grip safety grating, traction tread safety grating, interlocking perforated metal safety grating, we also research various special bespoke holes safety grating. we make your need, always pleased to make customized holes and size according to your ideas.

Pre-Galvanized Steel Safety Grating

Carbon Steel Safety Grating

Aluminum Alloy Safety Grating

Stainless Steel Safety Grating

Grip strut plank grating

Grip strut plank grating, also called Diamond Safety Grating, it is a most common used perforated safety grating. It is used to create non-slip metal walkways, steel safety flooring, and stair treads. These metal grating planks have a high strength-to-weight performance, which ensures a high load capacity and long life. As stair treads, Grip strut plank grating serrated surfaces grip the soles of work boots, reducing on-the-job accidents and can make stairways safer.

Grip strut plank grating

Grip strut plank grating

Traction tread safety grating stairs

Grip strut plank grating walkway

O Grip plank safety grating

Perforated O Grip safety grating is a plank metal grating offering a slightly less aggressive surface than Grip Strut. Perf-O Grip Grating’s unique surface of large de-bossed holes and perforated buttons provides slip protection under practically all conditions.

Aluminum Alloy O Grip Plank Grating

Pre-Galvanized Steel O Grip Stair Tread

Perforated O Grip grating for work platform

Perforated O Grip grating for stairs

Traction Tread Safety Grating

Traction Tread Flooring, Planks, and Ladder Rungs feature a surface with hundreds of perforated buttons that provide slip-resistance in all directions making it a practical choice for industrial applications.

Traction Tread Grating is easily adapted for a multitude of applications, offering a safe walking-working surface for walkways, ramps, stair treads and equipment platforms. Traction Tread is ideal for the manufacture of special and fabricated products, and is often used as a reconditioning material over existing surfaces that do not provide slip-resistance. The smaller hole pattern also makes it more compatible with a wider range of shoe types (including heels).

Traction Tread Safety Grating

Traction Tread Safety Grating

Traction Tread Stairs

Traction Tread Ladder rug

Interlock Safety Grating

Grate-Lock Safety grating also named Interlock Safety Grating, which is an easy-to-install system of interlocking grating planks, treads and accessories that provides safe, sturdy footing for mezzanine floors, platforms, walkways and other applications where non-slip performance is required. Hundreds of sole-gripping dimples insure a safe surface in all kinds of weather and environments.

MS (smooth) Grate-Lock Safety Grating

MG (traction grip) Grate-Lock Safety Grating

Interlock Safety Grating as car ramps

Interlock Safety Grating as Walkways

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