Titanium Welded Wire Mesh

SS321 Crimped weaving wire mesh is a type of wire mesh made from stainless steel 321 material. It is produced by crimping and weaving the wires together to form a durable and strong mesh structure. The crimped design provides extra stability and strength, making it suitable for use in applications that require high resistance and durability.

This Kazakhstan customer ordered ASTM A580 SS321 crimped wire mesh that 3.4×3.4mm mesh 1.6 mm wire diameter 1000mm width 30 meters length. used in mining industries.

Commodity &Specifications

  • Products: SS321 Pre-crimped wire mesh
  • Features: Dimensionally stable, Resistant to corrosion, Uniform mesh
  • Material grade: ASTM A580 SS321
  • Wire diameter: 1.6 mm
  • Mesh size: 3.4×3.4mm
  • Width: 1 Meter
  • Mesh roll Length: 30 Meters
  • Order quantity: 10 Rolls

Finished Products Photo

SS321 Pre-crimped wire mesh

SS321 Pre-crimped wire mesh

SS321 Pre-crimped wire mesh

SS321 Pre-crimped wire mesh


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