Fiber Laser Cutting Metal Fabrications for Your Personalized Specifications and Applications

Laser cutting, also known as laser beam cutting or CNC laser cutting, is a thermal cutting process that is frequently used in sheet metal processing.

QIUSUO® fiber laser cutting machines offers laser metal cutting in aluminum, steel, stainless, copper, brass, bronze, and nickel, with material thicknesses ranging from 0.02" through 1.0", and we also can cutting three-dimensional bodies such as profiles and tubes.

Many different cutting tasks can be performed with a laser beam. The range extends from cuts in metals with a thickness of up to 30 mm to very accurate cutting kerfs in extremely thin materials.

Fiber laser cutting progress plays an very important role in our production, to ensuring exact size and any shapes, our decorative perforated aluminum panels, safety gratings are cut edge by fiber laser cutting machine.

Compared to other processes, CNC laser cutting can be used economically even for very small batch quantity.

Technology Information & Quality Capacity

  • Up to 1" Thick Material
    Our 8 KW and 10 KW lasers can punch through steel, stainless, and aluminum up to 1" thick, with remarkable cut quality and minimal burr. in thick metals especially, cut quality depends significantly on heat buildup. Our Fiber Laser Cutting machines help keep thick material cool by applying water cooling during the cut, and pierce splash-out is mitigated by spraying the material with a small amount of oil during the pierce.
  • Unrivaled Aluminum Quality
    Aluminum is usually difficult to cut cleanly on a fiber lasers. Anything above 1/8" can usually be expected to have consistent burr along the entire cut edge. Our excellent workers are using cutting technology to almost completely eliminate cutting burr on aluminum up to 1" thick. Even in 1" aluminum plate, the amount of burr is lower than a fiber laser would ordinarily leave on 1/4" plate.
  • Precision Blank Cutting
    Our fiber lasers is cutting blanks within +/- 0.005" accuracy and ultra-high precision, with minimal to non-existent taper even in thick plate. We ensuring you'll receive consistent, precise performance on every parts, every time.
  • More Customized Fabrications
    Except laser cutting, more customized metal plates fabrications are available from us. QIUSUO® has strong metal perforating abilities and metal plates fabrications including tooling molds making, CNC punching, laser cutting, shearing, folding, forming, welding, stamping, polishing, powder coating and PVDF coating and etc. So that we can meet your personalized specifications and applications.

Fiber Laser Cutting Metal Fabrications Cases Photo

QIUSUO® aims at making kinds of metal plates products by CNC punching, Fiber Laser Cutting, Drilling, Stamping, Laser hydraulic bending process. And surface finishing service such as hot dipped galvanizing, powder coating are available from QIUSUO. There are some of our Fiber Laser Cutting Metal Fabrications Cases Photo. Providing us Metal Fabrications Drawings, we make all your ideas into life.

Applications of Fiber Laser Cutting Metal Fabrications

  • Metal Plates Arts And Crafts
  • Medical Apparatus And Instrument
  • Metal Sheets Cutting
  • Metal Parts Processing
  • Precision Metals Parts
  • Auto Metal Parts
  • Advertising Metal Panels
  • Metals Mechanical Components
  • Sheet Metal Processing
  • The Metal Gear Processing
  • Perforated Metal Safety Gratings Sizes Processing
  • Architecture metal panels sizes processing
  • Decorative facade, ceiling, panels sizes processing

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