Akzo Nobel Polyurethane Powder Coating Stainless Steel Wire Mesh is Ideal Security Screen Doors and Windows

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh is widely used for filters, screens, and it is an ideal material for Security Screen Doors and Windows, really an amazing mesh security screen solution for all window and door types with patented framing systems to enhance the safety and security of your home or business.

There are black color 10mesh 1mm wires stainless steel wire mesh door security screens applications

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh for Security Screens Applications

Benefits Of Stainless Steel Wire Mesh for Security Screens

Safe security screen doors and windows that made by Akzo Nobel polyurethane powder coating stainless steel wire mesh offer unrivaled security and peace of mind. The protection of stainless steel mesh that looks and feels like a regular insect screen, eliminates the need for constant repairs and provides an effective barrier against intruders and major storms.

  • Protect Children from Dangerous Window
    Stainless Steel Security Screens are a permanent investment on your home that offers anti-fall protection, keeping your children safe.
  • Protect Your Home and What's Inside
    Keep the bad guys out without unsightly bars and grilles.
  • Hurricane and Nor'easter Protection
    With stainless steel wire mesh for security screens you can eliminate the need for additional protective window coverings. High tensile, high strength screen paired with impact resistant framing doubles as your barrier to wind driven debris.
  • Extra UV Protection
    Akzo Nobel Polyurethane powder coating stainless steel wire mesh let you stay safe while getting extra protection from excessive UV light, this screen mesh reduces 59% of UV light entering your home.
  • Designed for Coastal Living
    Our salt air resistant stainless steel wire mesh are constructed from marine grade 316 stainless steel, Akzo Nobel Polyurethane powder coated with a at least 10-years warranty.
  • Fire Attenuation
    Stainless steel security screens can be used for fire attenuation offering protection to window openings with close property boundaries.
  • Looks Nice!
    Get high level security without unsightly bars and grilles covering your glass areas.

Specifications Of Window and Door Security Mesh

Our window and door security wire mesh screens are made with stainless steel wires, using the world’s toughest high tensile, high strength woven screen wire.

And using weather resistance Akzo Nobel Polyurethane Powder as the finishing treatment.

Stainless Steel Security Screen

10mesh Stainless Steel Security Screen

11mesh stainless steel security screen

12mesh stainless steel security screen

Normal Name Security Mesh, Window and Door Security Mesh
Material Grade ASTM SS304, ASTM SS316, ASTM SS316L,
Mesh per inch 10×10mesh, 11×11mesh, 12×12mesh, 14×14mesh,
Normal Wire Diameter 0.6mm, 0.7mm, 0.8mm, 0.9mm, 1.0mm, customized
Surface finishing spraying, black matte, white matte, yellow matte, gray matte, etc.
Size Available 750mm x 2000mm 900mm x 2000mm 1200mm x 2000mm 750mm x 2400mm 900mm x 2400mm 1200mm x 2400mm, or in rolls, and customized sizes

Using Fields of Stainless Steel Safety Screen

With the characteristics of the general stainless steel mesh, its appearance is more beautiful and generous, durable, smooth surface of the mesh is easy to install, after black, white, yellow, gray matte spraying mesh founder without defects super clear visual experience and protection safety guarantee. With high quality aluminum alloy frame, with insect - proof, ventilation, beautiful, safe, explosion-proof, anti-aging and other advantages. Bring you super clear visual enjoyment and the most safe protection.

  • Organ units, safety series higher units - bulletproof
  • Office building, villa, community anti-theft
  • Mosquito control in mountainous areas, wild areas and suburbs
  • Unified management, residential or business district -- beautiful
  • Damp or dry city - resistant to corrosion and sun exposure

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